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Monday to Friday: 14:30 to 19:30 and also on Tuesdays in the morning: 9: 00h to 10: 30h

O Tablado


Directing plays and the improvisation course, Cacá has been keeping alive the theatrical spirit left by Maria Clara Machado. Besides that, she has been innovating on artistic proposals on and off stage. Since the 1990s, she has been managing and making changes in the Improvisation Course, such as: increase the teaching staff number, reorganization of the Summer Festival, and open the possibility of students to get a professional registration.


foto Guga Melgar 15

Cacá Mourthé


In 2005, Cacá Mourthé encouraged the revitalization of the historic collection of O Tablado and Maria Clara Machado, with the sponsorship of Petrobras. Part of the selected material was stored in the Casa de Rui Barbosa Foundation. The story of O Tablado and its creator Maria Clara Machado is rich and long-lived, that is why the work of the collection is ongoing. With the dissemination over the Internet, the public may have access to this fable of real, full of ghosts, blue little horses, animals which narrate the birth of Jesus, girls flying in the wind’s backs and a thousand fantasies, called O Tablado.


The building of O Tablado had a major modernization reform in 2007, under the direction of Caca Mourthé, with new seats, coffee shop, foyer, office, dressing rooms, rehearsal and production rooms, new machinery and light, sound and air conditioning. The work of revitalization and restoration was sponsored by Institute Oi Futuro.


On stage, Cacá Mourthé has also innovated on direction. The play Little Blue Horse was turned into a small opera composed by Tim Rescala, a prestigious Brazilian composer. “The King’s tailor”, an unknown play of Maria Clara Machado, was produced for the first time, as well as the classics: “Pluft, the little ghost” and “The Girl and the Wind”. In 2013, The play “The Voyage of Clarinha”, a tale of Maria Clara Machado adapted for the theater by Cacá Mourthé and Symone Strobel, was staged at Centro Cultural Tom Jobim. This was the first production of O Tablado that didn’t have its debut at O Tablado’s stage.


New shows, new ideas, new stories are what give O Tablado the same theatrical and active spirit from the beginning.



André Mattos and Isabella Dionísio


Production and Administrative team

“The main elements of O Tablado are not the actors, those who appear on stage, or better say, the principal element are the actors as well, but while they are working on the livelihood of the group (…).” Maria Clara Machado


The employees are active components in O Tablados’s history. They are all former students or actors who have already been on its stage, and they have built a bond of affection and commitment to O Tablado.


Director: Cacá Mourthé

Administration: Julia Carrera -

Projects: Fernando do Val -

Secretariat: Silvia Fucs and Monica Nunes -

Financial: Cida Guedes -

Reception: André Chalhoub

Costumes Collection: Cris Chevriet -

Historical Collection: Laura Araujo –


Teachers: André Mattos, Andreia Fernandes, Ariane Rocha, Beatriz Junqueira, Cacá Mourthé, Fernando Caruso, Dani Ocampo, Dina Moscovici, Fernando Melvin, Hamilton Vaz Pereira, Isabella Secchin, João Brandão, Johayne Hildefonso, Lincoln Vargas, Lionel Fischer, Luiz Octavio Moraes, Marco André Nunes, Pedro Kosovski, Ricardo Kosovski, Sonia Dumont, Sura Berditchevsky, Patricia Nunes (Tita), Viviana Rocha, Fernando Berdi, Cico Caseira, Ernesto Piccolo, Aracy Mourthé