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Monday to Friday: 14:30 to 19:30 and also on Tuesdays in the morning: 9: 00h to 10: 30h

O Tablado

Lionel Fischer

He is a drama professor, specialized on improvisation technique, at O Tablado since 1996. With extensive artistic training, he studied classical piano with Werter Politano and Iris Bianchi; music theory with the conductor Calazans; Jazz with Vilma Vernon; body expression with Klaus Vianna; film with José Carlos Avellar and Ronald Monteiro – MAM; theater with Maria Clara Machado – O Tablado, Sergio Britto – Teatro Jovem, Wolfrang Mëring – Cité Universitaire de Paris. As a trainee, he worked with Tadeuz Kantor, the Cricot 2 Group, Poland, and with Eugenio Barba, Odin Group, Denmark.

Editor of Cadernos de Teatro, of O Tablado, he is a theater critic, activity that he exercises uninterruptedly since 1989. Having written for the magazines Visão and Manchete, the newspaper O Globo, Última Hora and Tribuna da Imprensa. Currently, he writes for the newspaper Folha Zona Sul and on the blog And has written several book reviews for O Globo and Jornal do Brasil. He was a reporter of the newspaper O Globo, Segundo Caderno – art column – and the theatrical magazine Aplauso.

Member of the jury of the awards: Coca-Cola and de Teatro Jovem; Molière; Mambembe; Shell for 13 years, Governor of the State; APTR and Cesgranrio of Adult Theater; RioArte Scholarship Project in 2001; FATE (Theatre Support Fund) , Myriam Muniz Award; Eletrobrás and FITA 2011/2012 (International Festival of Theatre of Angra dos Reis).

Author of the book O teatro por dentro ou por dentro do teatro – ou tudo que você sempre quis saber sobre teatro e nunca lhe ocorreu, a partnership with Bernardo Jablonski.