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Monday to Friday: 14:30 to 19:30 and also on Tuesdays in the morning: 9: 00h to 10: 30h

O Tablado

Lincoln Vargas

Lincoln Vargas began his professional career in O Tablado in 1997, where he works as an actor, teacher and music director, in addition to create and directing all editions of Mostra de Esquetes, an event that is part of the official calendar of theater.

He is director of the group Abuzados e Azambujas , past spectacles were: : Sombras Coloridas de Domingos Oliveira; Sonho de Saulo , who received two awards; and , a show Saulo Esporte Clube, staged at sports arenas.

Along side Domingos Oliveira, with he has a partnership, he starred twelve years ago, in ConfissĂ”es de Adolescente, directed by Oliveira. Since then, he worked as assistant director for Olivera’s at theatrical and film productions. Among these works are: theater A Casa dos Budas Ditosos, Confronto e Apocalipse Segundo Domingos Oliveira. Film: Feminices, Carreiras, Juventude and Todo Mundo tem Problemas Sexuais.

Currently, he is a drama teacher at O Tablado, musician, producer, and has a weekly program on Radio Roquette Pinto, 94.1 FM.