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O Tablado

Isabella Secchin

Isabella Secchin is an actress and theater, film and TV director. She teaches at O Tablado since 1990 . As an actress , her first professional play was Flicts , of Ziraldo , in 1977, which was nominated for Mambembe Best Actress Award. She was in various infant and adult shows, and was an integrant of the the group Diritmia, 1978-1980, under the direction of Louise Cardoso . Her first directotion was with the creation of the group in Beijo na Boca , 1981-1983 , directing the play In Certos Casos , collection of texts by various authors . Directed, among other shows: Lili – uma história de circo, by Lícia Manzo , indicated to Coca- Cola Awards for Best Direction , Production , Actor and Costume Design , and won the latter three categories , and also received the award for Mambembe Best Entertainment of the Year , all in 1989 . Her last appearance as an actress , in November 2010 , was on the show A Chegança do Almirante Negro na Pequena África, conducted by Grande Cia de Mystérios e Novidades, which also prepared the actors for staging.

In film starred in manny films such as: O Homem do Pau Brasil, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade; Das Tripas Coração, Ana Carolina; Rock Estrela, Lael Rodrigues. Directed the soap operas: Pé na Jaca e A Favorita; Casos e Acasos, Por Toda a Minha Vida, Malhação e Casseta & Planeta. She is currently Instructor of Drama at TV Globo, preparing actors.

Her masters are: Maria Luiza Prates, Louise Cardoso, Amir Haddad, José Celso Martinez, Juliana Carneiro da Cunha, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Paulo José, Juan Carlos Corazza and Suzana Stella.