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Monday to Friday: 14:30 to 19:30 and also on Tuesdays in the morning: 9: 00h to 10: 30h

O Tablado

Daniela Ocampo

Daniela Ocampo joined O Tablado in 1996, at 16 years of age. She was assistant teachers of Lionel Fischer, Bernardo Jablonski, Caca Mourthé and Aracy Mourthé for 13 years in total. In 2012, she started teaching along with Fernando Caruso, with whom she ran the workshop “Theory and Practice of Comedy Improvisation” since 2006. Along Fernando Caruso, she also directed the show of improvisation Z.É. – Zenas Emprovisadas, Shell Prize winner and that was nine years in theaters, always with crowded audience. She is the author and director of the show “Lente de Aumento” monologue starred by Leandro Hassum, success show on going since 2008. She is the author and director of the play “Mini Manual de Qualidade de vida”, monologue with the actress Alexandra Richter. She is also the screenwriter of humor on Globo which writes programs like “Os caras de pau” and “Esquenta”. Her classes, along with Fernando Caruso, are geared towards comedy genre that permeates all her work.